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Embracing the Wounded Child Within

A beautiful morning of self-exploration, creativity, guided meditation and group discussion to explore the wounds we suffered as children. When we embrace our wounded child with self-compassion, we help liberate our unconscious triggers and experience less reactivity in our relationships. Together in an intimate group setting, this workshop will offer the space for deeper healing and connection with the sacred creative self.

Facilitated by Inez de Vega

“As I forgive myself, I become younger and freer and it is the little child within who is being healed." (


We build up armoury as children to protect ourselves from disappointment and pain. However, by the time we are adults these 'sore' spots have calcified. When our buttons are pushed, we habitually react. Painful experiences in childhood are stored as unprocessed (raw) childhood emotion in the limbic brain. When we feel triggered in relationship with another, our limbic brain detects danger and tips us into the fright or fight or flight response. 

However, just as children can heal, our unprocessed childhood emotion can also be healed. By shining the light of awareness onto our wounded inner child using creative art, guided visualisation, group discussion and self-compassion, we become more conscious of our reactive pathways. And when we make a choice to be less reactive, our vulnerability and creativity naturally arise.

Cost:  $75 full price; $60 concession. Bookings essential as places in this workshop are limited.


Venue: 1227 Malvern Road, MALVERN

If you have a preferred meditation cushion or stool, please bring it with you. Chairs and limited cushions provided.

Please be aware that there is no smoking on the periphery of this premises.

For more info, email or call Inez on 0468 369 824/ (03) 9824 6963.

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