Meet Inez —

My Journey With NeuroFeedback


"As the founder of The Neuro Brain, I am so excited to be able to share the remarkable gifts of neurofeedback with you."


When I first discovered neurofeedback it sounded too good to be true! I already had over 30 years experience undertaking my own psychological change after experiencing a painful childhood that included abuse and attachment trauma. I also had more than 16 years experience facilitating healing, creative and meditation groups in the welfare and private sector - so I had encountered just about every traditional and alternative therapy out there.

But the results of my own BRAIN-TRAINING blew me away — so much so I knew I had to train in neurofeedback so I could share it with others. Even as a 14-year meditation veteran, I FELT CALMER AND LESS REACTIVE than I had ever felt before — things didn't bother me so much and my mood felt LIGHTER and HAPPIER for more of the time. I have become almost FEARLESS: starting my neurofeedback practice has been a doddle — rewarding, riveting and fun! And not once have I recoiled at the marketing and promotion that business owners are required to do (which is saying something for an introvert!) Quite the opposite, in fact: I am delighted to talk about neurofeedback because I know it works. And if I can be a support for others to experience greater healing, happiness and calm in their lives then I consider it a privilege.

Through neurofeedback, I have experienced significant SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION, too:

My meditation practice has become deeper and more profound; contemplations into the nature of consciousness continue to take on new significance; and my heart grows more skilled at softening to people and situations I've previously resisted.

The Dalai Lama has said that when the technology comes along to amplify meditation, we should take advantage of it — well here it is! I believe the Buddha would have recommended we train with neurofeedback BECAUSE IT GIFTS US WITH GREATER PEACE — which makes for a more peaceful family, a more peaceful community and a more peaceful world. 

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