What Am I Passionate About?

"I love combining neurofeedback, meditation and creativity in my workshops." 

I am a counsellor, An Artist, a Meditation Teacher and a NeuroFeedback Trainer. I am passionate about helping people achieve changes in their Brain, Heart and Spirit so they can live their best lives! 


I gained my professional experience working creatively with groups at the Prahran Mission: running art, writing and meditation groups there for people with mental illness, young people and the homeless. Prior to that, I facilitated a support group with ASCA (now called the Blue Knot Foundation) for almost a decade creating a safe space for sharing, healing and self-reflection for survivors of childhood trauma. This work inspired me to go back to university to gain a qualification in Counselling.

As a meditation teacher, I run mindfulness and self-compassion workshops. I have been a student of Buddhist meditation since 2004. The cultivation of self-compassion is so important while on the journey to wellbeing. As our capacity to come into the moment with a kind heart increases, we become more resilient, we feel less fearful of life and more energised to live from the depth and breadth of all that we are.

I am also an award-winning artist. My art practice is multi-faceted and I use a variety of methods such as storytelling, textiles, song, photography, video and painting to investigate art's relationship with emotion and healing. I have exhibited widely in Australia and overseas. I love combining neurofeedback, meditation and creativity in my workshops.