NeurOptimal® NeuroFeedback

Home Rentals

The Neuro Brain is excited to announce that we have commenced a NeurOptimal® Rental program for people who wish to train in their own home. While many people love to come to our office for NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, others for reasons of cost, convenience and travel prefer to train their brains at home. Everything is included! 


We are renting Professional systems with unlimited monthly neurofeedback sessions to people who are eligible. To be eligible you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must have had an initial session in our office.

  • Be prepared to provide a deposit and email scanned copy of CC details and Driver’s Licence.

  • Have access to the internet and ensure the computerised system is updated and online at least once a week.

  • Communicate regularly with Inez throughout your rental period.

  • Treat the equipment with care.

  • Understand NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is training and not treatment.

  • Our preference is that you place the system on your contents insurance ($30 per month). You will be liable to pay for any damage while the system is in your care.

    In turn, you will be fully supported to start running neurofeedback sessions within 30 minutes from receiving your system!


    $1200* per month, which includes unlimited sessions.

    * You will also be asked to pay a fully-refundable $1200 deposit to ensure the system is returned undamaged.

    Steps for Booking a System:

    1. Please contact Inez by phone or email to discuss above-mentioned and to make an initial appointment.

    1. Attend an appointment to try neurofeedback and if both parties are satisfied, complete the ONLINE RENTAL AGREEMENT (click here).

    2. Pick-up your system and start training!


    Using our neurofeedback system is easy (all the expertise is built into the program). Watch the following videos to learn how to attach to the sensors and how to start a neurofeedback session.