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The Neuro Brain has expanded into RENTALS. Click here to read more about how you can rent one of our professional systems and receive unlimited neurofeedback sessions at home. Or, if you prefer to attend our Malvern office to receive neurofeedback, see our prices below:


What Is The Cost Per Neurofeedback Session?


Initial Consultation & neurofeedback (90 mins) - $125

Neurofeedback only (50 mins) - $100

Ten-Session Package (includes initial consultation) - $900

Couples or two family members neurofeedback only (110 mins) - $170

Couples or two family members 20-Session Package (10 sessions each) - $1600

Please read my Cancellation Policy (below)

Purchasing A System:

Many clients who train with NeurOptimal neurofeedback find such significant benefits that they go on to buy their own system.

At The Neuro Brain — as a NeurOptimal Ambassador — I can support you to purchase a system (either a Personal System for $6995 USD or a Professional System starting from $10,345 USD) and link you up with the Australian Rep Steve Phillis.

THIS IS AT NO COST TO YOU and you’ll receive support from the both of us — two key experienced Australian NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainers — for the life of your system. Let me know if you are thinking of purchasing a system so I can introduce you to Steve. He's incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and supportive — and I have a feeling you will find him completely fabulous!

Cancellation Policy

I make every effort to accommodate clients’ changing schedules. While I do feel personally sympathetic to issues that can arise, you must notify me at least 26 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment to avoid bearing a 50% cancellation fee. This ensures the best opportunity for all clients to receive services and respects my time and livelihood. Further, if I don’t give the practice manager 24 hours notice of cancellation she charges me a room fee whether or not you attend.


I prefer to use earbud headphones because they don’t dislodge the sensors. If you’d prefer to bring your own pair, please ensure they have a standard headphone jack as shown in the picture

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