What if children were taught about kindness? What if children were taught techniques for soothing their internal distress?What if they were encouraged to express themselves creatively; and they were supported to find their place among a caring group of peers?


And what if children were taught - in an age appropriate manner - how to identify what emotions they were feeling, where in the body they were feeling them and how to begin to articulate these in a socially appropriate way so that others are more likely to respond with kindness?

Inez de Vega is an artist and meditator who runs workshops and supportive groups for children and teenagers in meditationcreativity and activities designed to cultivate kindness.

Inez works in a Sharing Circle, where her participants are encouraged to share their present-moment experience and provide positive feedback to each other. Children experience gentle meditation techniques designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm; they connect with the joy of creativity and personal expression; and they learn how to recognise their feelings and begin to communicate these. Each child in the Sharing Circle comes to experience him/herself as a valued member of the group, and an important link in the group becoming a supportive entity for each other.

All children are welcome.