Immerse yourself in guided meditations, creative play and the practice of self-compassion to bring about meaningful personal transformation.


No matter how developed we are as human beings, at times in our lives we will have unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns that are causing us pain. Perhaps we feel stressed because we have a compulsive need to be busy and cannot allow ourselves to rest; or maybe we suffer from anxiety because our thoughts are always projecting us forward into the future and we worry about what we might get wrong. The very special workshops and groups we offer at A Happy Heart are designed to be soothing and enjoyable, but importantly they will also help you become more aware of your internal patterns so you are in a position to change them.

The philosophy underpinning A Happy Heart is that the group will always contain a collective wisdom. Our workshops are experiential in nature and activities such as guided meditation and creative play offer participants an opportunity to reflect alone as well as in private conversation with the facilitator to gain personal insight. However, it is in reporting our experiences back to the whole group in the safe and supportive embrace of the Sharing Circle that we become a mirror for each other – growing our insight more quickly and more profoundly than we are able to do working on our own. 

The letting go of unhelpful conditioned behaviours and the awakening of inner perception can also be made more meaningful when witnessed by a group of people who come together with a shared intention. At A Happy Heart, we strive to create the conditions in which participants feel safe enough to work with their vulnerabilities, shining the light of awareness upon traits or behaviours they would like to transform; while cultivating others – such as gratitude, kindness and generosity. Why might we be motivated to do this? Because cognitive science shows us it makes us happier. 

Although you may be working with strangers (at the start of the workshop) our experience as facilitators teaches us that goodwill and deep respect is usually generated among participants as they feel progressively more safe to reveal their deepest truths. However, the practice of transforming behaviours that cause us suffering is slow and requires patience, so cultivating self-compassion is a crucial component of our workshops. Then we can meet our imperfections and those of others with a heart that is more open. 

As facilitators at A Happy Heart, it is our hope that after reflecting upon your time with us you are able to say that not only did your participation in our event bring you greater insight but you also had a beautiful, sincere and heart-felt experience. 

We look forward to meeting you.